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From idea and strategy to design and development of the ultimate e-commerce solution

Like you, we put our customers first. Your customers, their needs. Our first job is to design and develop e-commerce solutions that satisfy the requirements and expectations of your customers so they choose your webshop every time.

Good web design is well-considered usability in an aesthetic packaging which causes excitement, conversion and makes the user want to come back.

Our team of digital designers, UX specialists and frontend developers are experts in digital concept development, the good user experience, and performance optimisation.

Strategy and development

Strategic discussion, business development, digital disruption, continuous further development

Project process

Scrum model, agile project management, ongoing customer meetings, status reports

Analytics and optimisation

Monitoring of KPIs, web analysis, conversion optimisation, monthly GA reports

Preliminary analysis

Workshop, customer journey, focus group interviews, user tests


24/7 monitoring, high uptime, professional discussion with hosting centres

Search engine optimisation

On-page SEO, off-page SEO, updating to latest Google algorithm, monthly SEO consultancy


Happy Clients




Projects Completed


Technology integrated
Customer insight

Customer Journey Mapping, identification of personas, Eye Tracking, user interviews

User Experience

Information architecture, content design, navigational design, usability design, UI Design


High performance, UX optimisation, best practices, conversion optimisation

Digital identity and concept development

Logo design, visual identity, workshops, new features, unique functions

Responsive design

Optimal performance regardless of platform and choice of browser

Design & consumer trends

Material design, hover animations, micro-interactions, digital natives

How We Work on Our Projects
Strategy and development

Today, e-commerce is much more than just placing an order online. To more and more companies, e-commerce is an essential element in their business strategy and this makes large demands on the choice of e-commerce supplier. The supplier not only has to provide the technical platform but it certainly also has to be a strategic business partner.

Preliminary analysis

To be prepared is half the victory. This also applies to ambitious and strategic e-commerce solutions. We therefore start all new projects with a carefully and thoroughly tested preliminary analysis process in which nothing is left to chance. We focus on your strategic situation and use, e.g. Customer Journey tools to identify your core customers and understand their habits, consumption patterns, and needs.

Project process

Like lawyers and auditors, we use standardised processes which ensure a high quality in our solutions. We base our work on the Scrum model and run all projects as agile as possible. To us it is essential to involve our customers in the projects and we do so both through meetings every other week and by ongoing, systematic reporting to ensure a common overview.

Analytics and optimisation

We have the expertise to see through the e-commerce statistics in Google Analytics and we have the experience to convert this knowledge into an increased turnover in your webshop. If the customers find it difficult to navigate the webshop or leave when they reach the shopping basket, this means less sales for you. The opportunity to optimise the conversion rate requires insight but in return it allows you to increase your sales significantly.


Downtime is equal to lost turnover. We are therefore always monitoring our solutions and we move fast if something turns out not to work as intended. We take pride in the fact that our solutions are always up and running and we are interested in having the discussions with the hosting centres to make sure that together we ensure performance and high uptime.

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From idea and strategy

to design and development of the ultimate e-commerce solution

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